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  1. Dr.Bob has been my primary care doctor for three years and I couldn’t be happier.

    I have spondylosis problems since 2000 because I had to work a long time at the front of my computer during the day without enough exercise. I tried many different ways to relieve symptoms of pain and dizziness. They all worked at the beginning, but after a period of time. They can’t work anymore and my symptoms were getting worse and worse. So I have to try another way.

    My friend told me I should talk with Dr.Bob to see if he can help me. After 2 treatments, my symptoms were totally gone. I can’t believe that it could happen but it’s real. So if you have the same problem as mine, go to talk with Dr. Bob. You will never regret the decision you make today. By the way, his Cold & Flu treatment is amazing too. I love it so much.

    Rating: 5
  2. As a patient of doctor Bob for over 20 years, I feel I am so lucky to have such a wonderful doctor who knows how to communicate and treat patients. Bob is always ready whenever you need him and provided clear and detail instruction on how to take the ACMA treatments correctly to improve the efficiency and safety of the treatment. I used to have a very bad headache, dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, low energy and lack of motivation for many years. These symptoms became worse and worse after I continued to check with my family doctor and took a lot of western medicines.

    Finally, I decided to try ACMA treatments with Dr. Bob. I am so glad that the treatments worked so well that my headache and dizziness were gone after a couple of weeks treatments, memory is much better, energy and motivation have been greatly improved. Now my life has been returned back to normal. I really appreciate all Dr. Bob did for me and will let Dr. Bob help me for whatever issues I will have.

    Rating: 5
  3. In May 2015 I was diagnosed with stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma‎.

    It all started with severe back problems & abdominal pain. I went to a medical doctor and had ultrasounds, CT scans, and biopsy that showed I had about 10 cancer tumors spreading out at my neck, chest, lungs, liver, abdomen, kidneys, etc. The largest tumor in my left abdomen was 10 cm. Blood tests showed I had kidney failure too. Cancer spread to my kidneys.

    After the one and only chemo treatment, I was extremely tired and my hair fell out. I was too weak to drive a car. I felt dizzy, had no energy and had severe pain from my ribcage to abdomen, back, groin, and hip. I could not sleep. I was nauseous, vomiting, and had no appetite.

    I saw Dr. Bob Xu the following month in June 2015 and began taking ACMA Cancer Treatment and stopped chemotherapy.

    Shortly after taking ACMA Cancer Treatment, my cancer pains were gone. Dizziness was gone. Nausea and vomiting were gone. My energy came back and I was able to sleep well and eat well. I was back to driving my car, gone back to work, and resumed a normal life.

    Since taking ACMA Cancer Treatment, I have been doing CT scan once every 6 months and ultrasound every month. I was very glad to see that all of my cancer tumors started shrinking after receiving ACMA Cancer Treatment, and they have disappeared one after another.

    On May 8, 2017, I did a new CT scan, which shows that all 10 cancer tumors I had before ACMA treatment started on my neck, chest, lungs, liver, abdomen, kidneys, etc. locations were completely gone. I am so happy that I have become cancer free through ACMA Cancer Treatment only without surgery, chemo, or radiation therapy.

    Now when friends and relatives see me, no one believes I used to be a terminal stage IV cancer patient. In fact, I feel excellent now and feel my best for a long time.

    My cancer-fighting experience and the new CT scan tell me Dr. Bob Xu and ACMA Cancer Treatment have saved my life, which proves that ACMA Cancer Treatment is the most effective and safest cancer treatment for stage IV cancer patients like me.

    Rating: 5
  4. I thank you, Dr. Bob Xu, very much for undertaking the task of removing my keloids (that were in the devastated condition).

    20 years ago I have looked around for doctor who could remove my keloids. No one can do it in this area. One doctor in Peru told me that he could do it. It would take 8 months and would be painful. So the idea of removing the keloid has been out of my mind.

    However, my God is very good to me. He knows my keloids problem. He leads me to you. He assigns the job of removing my keloids to you. He also prepare me a nurse whom I get along.

    God is very good to me. I thank you very much.

    Above are thoughts in my mind (how I look at the whole thing).

    Rating: 5

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